Vinjamuri Varadaraja Iyengar's opinion about his mentors

About his Pradhama Guru in his essay " Gayaka Ratna Sri Piratla Sankara Sastry"- 1952

"He attained 'NadaYoga Mahasiddi'. He was well versed in Telugu, Sanskrit and all the four Vedas. In the Madras Music Academy expert committee meeting, he was instrumental in finalizing the Janya Raga of Sourastra to be 17th Melakarta Raga SuryaKaantam and not 16th Melakarta Raga Chakravakam."

About his Dwithiya Guru in his essay " Tiger Amongst Musicians" - 1991

"It is nothing short of venture on my part to give a write-up on the oceanic depth of Musical knowledge with an inimitable and unsurpassed imagination which my Music mentor, Late Sriman Gayaka Sikhamani, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Tiger K. Varadachariar possessed with an unmatched fame. Music was part and parcel of his life."

About his Manasika Guru in his write-up for Ariyakudi's Birth Centenary Celebrations " Sriman Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar " - 1990

" With age his music ripened, the voice quality maintained throughout his career brimming with magnetism. He was traditional to the point of being conservative with due effort to conserve the best in an ancient but sophisticated tradition and then allow it to blossom in its own natural ways. Through his concerts, he gave the listeners aesthetic pleasure, emotional pleasure, intellectual pleasure and educational value too. With all his attainments, he was very social with everyone. He believed all his attainments were due to Guru Kataksham."

About Tiger Brothers

"Tiger with his two brothers, Veena Krishnamachari and K. Sreenivasa Chari constitute the definition of Music. As the sloka says "Geethaa Vaditra Nrityanaam Thrayam Sangeetha Mucchathe", meaning, the confluence of Geetham (Vocal Music), Vaadyam (Instrument) and Nrityam (Dance) is known as Sangeetham (Music). Tiger is the Musician, Krishnamaachari is the Instrumentalist and Sreenivasa Chari is the Dancer, together they form Complete Sangeetham."

About Veena Dhanammal

"Her music was so pleasing to the ears that one could spend hours without realizing the time passing."